What is the miraculous effects of floors in the appearance of your house?

What is the miraculous effects of floors in the appearance of your house?

A change of flooring works miracles for your house. A reform in which a new pavement is installed and painted is the most effective for the update to be noticed. Ultimately, it is about the surfaces that occupy the most: the floor and walls. To get it right, take note of the floors we propose to face this change in your home. We leave the laminate so versatile and well-known, and we focus on others, from more traditional models to other current ones. Some involve work; others are installed on the floor you have.

Many times it is the great relegated to bathrooms and kitchens. And with the appearance of ceramic tiles and imitation wood, its use has been imposed in other house rooms. Ceramics has numerous possibilities because it is capable of reproducing any finish. It is a type of soil that works miracles for this reason. But we like to highlight that it allows the combination of different flooring models in the same space to delimit, zone or provide movement. This is a proposal from the firm Porcelanosa with imitation wood and a box as a carpet in grey cement. In the photo that opens the article, the floor is by Ceramiche Refin.

The most daring ceramic

Of course, ceramics is a type of floor that works miracles. It involves work since its installation is not dry, and cutting each tile causes dirt and specific machinery is necessary. In addition, you have to wait for it to dry before stepping on it. But the wait is worth it when you want a striking floor with colours and patterns. And all the comfort for resistance, durability and cleanliness. What most requires maintenance on a ceramic floor is the joint. Here, the Mar Sartoria collection by Terratinta Group.

Vinyl floors

This is specifically in a role model. Vinyl flooring comes in tiles, strips (which can be self-adhesive or click-in) or roll. It is a type of floor that works miracles in a short time since it is not necessary to remove the old floor to install it. Before, it was thought of as a temporary floor, but you should put this idea aside. Vinyl flooring is durable, and you have a lot of variety. It can be scrubbed and vacuumed. The least it supports is direct contact with the sun, which discolours it over time.

Small adhesive vinyl tiles for express changes

Adhesive vinyl tiles. A floor that performs miracles with all comfort. You can install it yourself. It is a version of small pieces that imitate thin adhesive tiles. They stick just by removing the protective paper from the base. No grouting or heavy tools are required for installation and cutting. It is water resistant, and if you choose a textured finish like this, it will be hard to tell to the touch that it is a vinyl material. This is from the WallPops brand.

Terrazzo flooring

Did you know that terrazzo is formed with remains of marble? Thus the original terrazzo has that varied aspect and is porous, like stone. It is possible to find the terrazzo finish in other materials, of course, ceramic, also vinyl or linoleum. Although the terrazzo floor had its time of glory in the past, it reappeared a couple of seasons ago with force and remains. It is a bet that adapts to all styles, as proposed by the Vipp firm, combining it with designer furniture on that terrazzo in neutral tones.

Stamped concrete

Both inside the house and outside. This type of flooring can also work miracles by changing the look of an environment. It generally provides a lot of texture due to its irregularities and rough effect. It is also called printed cement. It is a very hard construction material with a concrete base on which other compounds are applied, and it is given texture, relief or stamping with moulds of different shapes and designs. Finally, a protective resin is applied. Thus, it is possible to imitate stone, brick, and pavers without being so.

The beauty of small pieces: the mosaic

What great visual strength and decorative possibilities a mosaic floor has. It is resistant and an ideal option for making unique, personalized patterns or designs; add texture, pattern and colour. Mosaic flooring can be the distinctive touch that makes the difference. It is a versatile alternative -installed on walls and floors or to cover built-in furniture- and it comes in a wide variety of materials and designs. There are metal mosaics, natural stone mosaics, glass mosaics, ceramic mosaics… This is the Copper model from the Elements collection by Hisbalit.

Natural wood floors

A noble material such as wood accepts a natural finish with oils, varnishes, or stains. An old wooden floor can be maintained with good conditioning and painted in a colour that completely transforms the house’s atmosphere. The charm of short pieces or strips, their installation with perpendicular or herringbone slats… the details count when shaping a floor with natural wood.

Textile floors: carpets

It is difficult to keep perfectly clean. As it is a textile material, stains and dust tend to accumulate, but the warmth of a carpet is undeniable. Its comfort underfoot, to the touch and acoustically has no comparison. It is ideal in low-traffic areas, such as a bedroom. The carpet is installed with adhesive on the existing floor. This living corner is a proposal from the Bloomingville firm.

Linoleum floors, almost unrecognizable

The floor in this image is a Marietta terrazzo from the firm Gayafores, a material composed of small-grained marble chips, highlighted with digital material and mixed with cement and ground marble. Do you want the economic version? Bet on linoleum. They are materials that have nothing to do with each other, but linoleum floors, like vinyl floors, are gaining ground due to their simplicity in installation. A linoleum floor is resistant. It is composed of linseed oil mixed with other natural and biodegradable components. And it comes in a wide variety of thicknesses, textures and colours.

Natural stone

Its beauty is in its imperfection. No two pieces are the same. Marble, slate, limestone… Hence its price is also high. But a natural stone floor, whatever it is, will work miracles in the appearance of your house. It will raise the level. But you must know the specific characteristics of each type of stone because they affect its cleaning and maintenance. Characteristics such as hardness, porosity or wear.

Other continuous floors: micro cement or epoxy resin

Different and similar. They are two types of continuous floors without joints that are waterproof and applied on the existing floor. And its installation is fast as long as it is done by a professional. Both are moisture resistant, provide a smooth finish and come in different shades.

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