How to Promote your Carpet Cleaning Service online

How to Promote your Carpet Cleaning Service onlineHow to Promote your Carpet Cleaning Service online

Despite the rising innovations in technology and advanced lifestyles, somehow, humans haven’t managed to get any less messy – or clumsier. There are still the occasional spills, the dirt, subway grime, and of course since we’ve long since invited animals into our homes, they fill it with hair.

And do you know the material that takes to this the hardest? Carpets! The fibers are suckers for any sort of substance, be it pet hair or juice, you’ll soon find it sticking to your carpets like anything, from dark splotches that not only look off-putting but are hubs for insect growth.

Well, that’s where you come in with your carpet cleaning service, all ready to save the day and make those homes magical once more! But while you might be a superb carpet cleaner, you’ll need more than just hard skills to really see your luck in today’s tough and over-saturated economy. What you’re going to need are promotion and marketing!

Don’t worry, if you’re thinking to yourself right now that you don’t know the first steps of marketing, then you’re in the right place. I’m here to share marketing tips and tricks that are proven to work for businesses such as yours – and soon you’ll have your phone ringing off the hook with customers and dirty carpets!

Here’s how to promote your carpet cleaning business:

  1.  Email for Success!

Everyone knows the power of a good email! Not only does email marketing have one of the highest ROIs in the book, but since practically everyone has an email ID, your reach audience is unlimited.

Now there are a couple of things that really make an email stand out from the tens that we receive in our inboxes on a daily basis. Remember, your email is only successful if opened, not trashed.

First things first, your subject line should be a complete hook. Here, you can look into enlisting the services of a copywriter or just get your creative juices flowing yourself, but professional help is always better than a shot in the dark! And of course, the copy of your email is as important, as it’s this text that will help convert!

Once you’re done with the writing, it’s onto the visuals! No one likes reading droning paragraphs about a product or service – they want fun and exciting visuals to accompany it. Personally, I’ve always managed my email campaigns through Poster My Wall, and my satisfaction is through the roof!

Right from designing visuals to building a recipient list and sending the actual email out, PosterMyWall has made the process so easy for me – and I’m sure you’ll think the same once you try them out.

  • Make use of Instagram marketing

Speaking of visuals, what better way to advertise a carpet cleaning business than by showing off real-life evidence of your work? And we all know the best platform for visuals: Instagram!

People love a good cleaning video, just watching that carpet go from gray to cream brings satisfaction unlimited, and it’s exactly that type of content – and more – that’s going to plummet your carpet cleaning business to Instagram fame!

Start by creating an optimized profile and then fill it ith quality content on the regular. Remember, it’s a combination of stellar content, SEO-optimized captions, relevant hashtags, and regular activity that will help your Instagram profile grow, opening up your business to new customers!

  • Flyers that Win!

Flyers are a great marketing hack, mainly because they get the point across without being too in your face, and you can easily keep them with you for future reference.

While creating flyers for your carpet cleaning business, you need to be efficient about the information you put on there – no one wants to read paragraphs on a flyer, but you also don’t want to miss out on important information such as your services or contact details.

And of course, the visuals are what’s going to seal the deal. Your flyer needs to look like the real deal – incorporate colors and other stylistic elements from your brand, combining them to make a visual that’s captivating and inviting. And if you’re no designer then my years of trial and error have got you covered. One word: PosterMyWall, a gem I found after years of struggling to get good design. But now you don’t have to go through the same trouble, just head onto PosterMyWall’s website and flick through their wide range of carpet cleaning flyers, easily customizing the ones you like – all for free!

  • Get a Website!

You might not think so, but the carpet cleaning business is actually quite saturated and a great way to stand out from the crowd is by having a professional website! Websites automatically add a flair of authenticity to your business, making you seem credible – and they’re also the go-to place for your customers to get any information on your business or reach out to you.

While setting up a website is a great milestone for your carpet cleaning business, you need to make sure that it doesn’t do the opposite and sink your business by building a website that seems unprofessional. Instead, go for a professional website builder and really show the best of your business.

The key is to stay involved in the process, right from the layouts to the aesthetics and the functionality so the end product is one that speaks to your brand. And of course, make sure that your website has a good mix of personality, information, and fun – after all, it’s the businesses that speak a story that really get the customers coming in.

So, if you’re looking to upscale your carpet cleaning business in 2022, then these tips are your go-to for surefire success. Just keep at them and you’ll be seeing more customers than ever!

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