5 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Party During The Summer

5 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Party During The Summer

Outdoor parties are great for offering more room to entertain and the relief of fresh air as the weather gets warmer. It also makes for a more playful atmosphere that your guests will enjoy. As you make arrangements for the event, here are some helpful suggestions for making the experience easier. 

Consider a Theme

Giving your party a theme can help make planning it easier. You will have a focus on the d├ęcor and food. You can even encourage your guests to dress up accordingly to add more fun and plan themed games to be enjoyed outdoors. If you intend to give out party favors, this will also help inspire your selection. You can choose season-related themes like bikini summer or go with whatever holiday is being celebrated. 

Open Seating

Arrange to have the food served buffet style. Have food and drink tables where people can help themselves with whatever food or snacks you have available. Having an open seating plan is a more laidback arrangement; many people like to have this freedom, which means they can choose to sit or stand anywhere they want as they eat, be it indoors or outdoors. Setting up multiple seating areas with small folding tables will grant guests more choice of where to sit and relax. 

Keep Your Menu Seasonal

While it can be tempting to offer foods and drinks that are unique and exotic, you can do better by simply choosing what is seasonal and locally grown. This also tends to mean you are using the freshest ingredients. If you want to offer a unique experience, look up interesting recipes that use the same ingredients to inspire your guests to be more creative and try new things. If you have a party theme, consider coming up with a suitable signature cocktail. Most guests will likely try a new drink, allowing you to make large batches beforehand and reduce the work of mixing and serving other beverages when you should be mingling. 

Provide Shaded Areas

It is more enjoyable and refreshing to remain outdoors when you have a crowd of people in your home. However, your deck or patio area will likely have limited space to accommodate everyone. To encourage more guests to go out into the more open spaces of your backyard or garden, set up more shaded areas using umbrellas or portable pop-up canopies. These will help provide more protection from the sun or other unexpected weather. The canopies will provide more room to arrange seating areas so that guests will be more willing to spend more extended periods outdoors. 

Prep Your Outdoor Kitchen or Grill

Ensure you give your outdoor kitchen or grill a thorough clean before the big day. Make sure it is working correctly and has enough fuel to cook all the food you need for your guests. Also, check that you have all the barbecuing tools you will need. It helps to also prep the food in advance. Flavorful food is important; consider marinating as much as you can of whatever will be grilled beforehand.

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