Top 5 Residence in Dubai City

Top 5 Residence in Dubai City

Are you looking for a residence in Dubai? Whether you are searching for a short stay in a vacation rental, or keep a plan to settle here, the city is a great place to call your home. Spend your exotic vacations in the skyscraping suits or stay in the traditional Bedouin camps. Every living layout here is something beyond usual. You’ll find everything you need in the accommodations as luxury as well as affordability. So let’s take a look into what sort of houses and residence in Dubai with the best home interior design we can find. 

Common Residence in Dubai For International Visitors

  1. The Skyscraping Towers

Dubai is known for its skyrocket building. The very thing we can assume for a stay in this city is its luxurious towers. Living in apartments is common and popular. These apartments are the recognition of the city’s astonishing infrastructure. The apartments are used as studios as well as 3 bedroom units. A studio is a self-contained one that carries a huge space in it. However, there will is an opportunity for overnight camps in the Arabian desert. You’ll find several amenities in these apartments. From gyming facility to shared pools, you’ll pay according to the facilities you get. 

  1. Living in a Town House

Townhouses are like villas, but these two are not the same. The units of the townhouses share a wall. The space of these townhouses ranges from 3 to 6 bedrooms. The places where one can buy a townhouse in Dubai include Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubailand, Arabian Ranches, Al some, Akoya Oxygen, and Jumeirah Village Circle. The selling cost of these townhouses starts from 1M AED and the rentals start from 72k AEDs. 

  1. Villa Compounds and Communities

Living in the Villas in Dubai is not unusual. Villas are super convenient for large families who have several people because the villas are super spacious. They contain an attached garage and private garden along with various bedroom types i.e. from three to seven beds. The separated and semi-attached villas in Dubai include two kinds of villas housing. These include Villa compounds and communities. The detached villas ate known for their luxurious facilities along with uncompromised privacy. The villas communities are built on lush green grounds with scenic views of golf courses, banks, and lakes. The famous villas communities of Dubai are Mirdif, Dubai Hill Estate, and the Springs. The villas compounds, on the other hand, come up with shared facilities for residents. These include a gymnasium, sports arenas, and swimming pools. These facilities help you build up a great social life for you and thereby a good community.

  1. Book a Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals are the properties used for a temporary period by the guests of Dubai. The residents also book these vacation rentals for daybreak vacations from their usual life. Vacation rentals come up as the above-mentioned housing properties. Apartments, townhouses, and villas are the most popular residing spots among tourists. These are short-stay rentals in which the tourists find their homes. Mostly the costs of living are included in their travel itinerary planner. They can grab it along with specific amenities of accommodation.

  1. Luxurious Penthouses on a Rooftop

Living in a penthouse is called luxurious living. These living spaces are made the rooftops of the apartments and promise comfort with luxury. Penthouses reflect class by their ambience as they are furnished with sophisticated interiors, cosy beds, well-embellished closets, classic baths, pools, private lifts, and spacious parking areas. These penthouses offer a supreme living experience. If you want a stay in the penthouse, go for the options like the mighty Burj Khalifa, Marina gate, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and JBR.

  1. Lots

Lots are different from duplexes and studios. Duplexes are built on two floors whereas the lofts contain a second floor which is small and overlooks the first floor. Downtown, Marina, and Jumeirah Beach Residence are the famous places to find lots in.


This was a little guide regarding the common residencies in Dubai. You have a huge ground from cheap rate rentals to super luxurious suits to stay in Dubai. If you want to buy one here, you should first start research and prioritize your needs and preferences. For example, whether you want to own a suit in a skyscraper, a studio, or a villa. As we mentioned before, many housing schemes come up with useful amenities such as gyms, parks, swimming pools, and sports arena. So you have plenty of choices to build your own dream residence in Dubai or just live a peaceful vacation.

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