Tips for Selling an Older House

Tips for Selling an Older House

As any proper real estate broker will tell you, there are some elements of a home which just fair better on the market when they are up to date and modern. Sometimes this can be the appeal of the entire property in general. 

Modern homes tend to do very well on the property market because of the sense of modern convenience they convey. When a home strikes the viewer as modern, the mind naturally goes towards all the nifty gadgets and appliances that will make daily life in that property easier. 

Real estate agents City Home Collective note that, with any property, there are some rooms and sections of the home that always perform better with a modern appeal. Specifically, we are talking here about the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the utility room.

Regardless of the property type, these functional spaces always benefit from the latest equipment and the type of modern furnishings which buyers can tell is state of the art. This is because these areas are functional as well as living spaces. Furthermore, when it comes to things like preparing food and cleaning, modern convenience is the most appealing factor.

But none of this is to say that older properties are at an immediate disadvantage. CityHome Collective advise that there are many things working in your favor when you undertake selling an older property. Nevertheless, each of these depends, in turn, on many other factors. 

Advantages of Selling an Older Property 

To be clear, we are not talking here about selling a run-down property or a so-called fixer upper. That takes a whole different approach and is all about making sure the investment you make on fixing up the house does not exceed the amount of profit you make when selling it. 

Rather, we are talking about older properties that are still in a livable condition. There are many advantages to selling this type of home and almost anywhere, there will be a ready market for it.

Further advantages include the fact that older properties have a distinct charm (especially if they are built in a popular style) and that there are even buyers looking specifically for this type of property. Obviously, you will need an expert brokerage to lean into this potential buyer’s market. 

The biggest advantage, however, is that older properties don’t need to be so old in their furnishings or amenities. An ideal older property is one which combines all the aesthetic appeal of an older property with modern amenities to make living in it easier. 

Tips for Selling an Older Property

So, if you are selling an older property, here are some further realtor-approved tips for doing so:

Stage the Home 

A realtor will help market your property’s old-fashioned appeal, but it is up to you to lean into this as much as possible and stage your home properly. You should emphasize what is attractive about the home, remove overly personal items and furniture, and be ready to accept as many viewings as possible. 

Update the Interior Design 

As mentioned, some things should be modern, even in an older home. The essentials are the amenities, but very often a more modern interior design style works well in an older property. 

See to All Repairs 

The one thing holding older properties back is the reputation for needing maintenance and repairs. You can avoid this problem by doing this yourself and being sure to emphasize that fact in listings and during viewings. 

Older properties are certainly popular, and by sorting out the problems that come along with them, you will be left with only that charming old-fashioned appeal. That’s how you make a sale.

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