Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing Whiteboards In Sydney!

Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing Whiteboards In Sydney!

A quality whiteboard has become the need of the hour in any office that you go. They are an incredible conceptualising tool that plays a crucial role during group meetings and can systematically track a project or individual tasks and projects without many complexions in a fast-paced environment. Whiteboards in Sydney are the perfect product that can be used in the modern, fast-paced offices to understand a project, clients need or make a progression report and explain them to the board members. Due to their simplistic use, you see whiteboards in the boardroom of offices. Hence, when you visit an office furniture store near you, selecting a quality whiteboard would be essential to let your thoughts and ideas be easily conveyed across your staff members.

But how would you realise which are the best whiteboards in Sydney for you? Hence, we have crafted this article detailing the complete process and what one should be knowing about a whiteboard before you make its purchase to assist you with benefiting as much as possible from the cash you will be spending on the purchase of whiteboards in Sydney.

  • The main features that you should check for your whiteboards in Sydney are as follows: 
  1. Longevity: When you shop for whiteboards in Sydney, ensure you spend quality time searching for the best whiteboard that would add value to your office. It may be a time-consuming and costly affair to find your ideal whiteboard, but when you finally buy one, ensure they last for an extended period. Check the materials that are used in making the whiteboards. In most cases, you will find stores offering you premium whiteboards that would come with a hefty price tag, but you can be assured that the investment would be worth its value. 
  1. Stain-resistance: The most typical drawback observed in whiteboards is the ghosting effect. Now, what is the ghosting effect, you might wonder? Well, it’s the effect that is observed when you rub the writings or drawings and see the old marker stains still visible on the surface of the marker is not rubbed before it becomes dry. Therefore, finding a whiteboard that does not have the ghosting effect or is less affected would be the ideal choice to make since a whiteboard that has several ghosting effects observed would become useless quite quickly. Find a surface that is non-porous to avoid the ghosting effect. Also, make sure you follow the best practices and consistently clean your whiteboards in boardrooms after each meeting session to enhance the lifespan of your whiteboards in Sydney.
  1. Ease of Use: Buy your whiteboards as per your office space availability. A hanging whiteboard in the boardroom will be the best choice if ample space is available. However, selecting a portable whiteboard would be the best bet if you have a compact office space or work in a smaller environment. Check about the size and weight of whiteboards in Sydney that can come in handy to meet your requirements. There are whiteboard varieties such as whiteboard with wheels, a two-sided whiteboard, among others that you can select to be added in your office for ease of use.
  • What are the best surfaces for whiteboards in Sydney?

The whiteboard material would play a crucial role and decide what type of whiteboard you would need to be added. Usually, there are three most commonly found whiteboards in Sydney that are as follows-

  1. Glass- They are hands-down the most expensive whiteboards that you can buy. They are also referred to as glass boards and are pretty heavy, durable, and resistant to the ghosting effect. No wonder they are the costliest of them all. These glass boards won’t require additional framing but would be mounted on the walls, which needs help from professional experts. The background where you will be mounting your glass boards would be a white or a lighter shade to avoid any transparency issue. Additionally, you would require markers that should be brought made explicitly for writing on the glass to prevent stains or bleeding effects.
  1. Porcelain- These whiteboards in Sydney are made from ceramic materials and have back support made from steel. They are lighter and way cheaper than glass boards but can still make a hole in your pocket. You will find porcelain whiteboards with magnetic properties. The ghosting effect is present but visibly relatively less than a melamine surface. Thanks to its magnetic properties, you can easily store your eraser and makers placed on the whiteboard itself.
  1. Melamine- These are the budget-friendly option that you can purchase for whiteboards in Sydney. Thanks to the melamine coating, you can easily write them with markers. These whiteboards are lightweight, portable and easy to clean. However, the ghosting effect can be primarily observed. Hence proper maintenance would be needed to ensure that the melamine whiteboard lasts longer for several years.
  • What would be the ideal size for whiteboards in Sydney?

The size of your whiteboard would change as per your requirements and office size. Do you want to place a whiteboard in your home office? Want to place whiteboards in the boardroom? Auditorium? College lab? Etc. The wall-size will play a significant role in selecting your ideal whiteboards in Sydney. Usually, a 4*3 unit is widely accepted for a whiteboard. You can even ask your furniture store whether they can help you with a custom size whiteboard in Sydney so that you can efficiently use your spaces.

  • What are the best whiteboard markers?

There is a wide range of accessories that you can select for your ideal whiteboard marker. You can choose the most affordable and classic markers to refillable markers. Investing in dry-erase markers is usually used in most offices and universities. Since they are refillable, you can also have additional cost savings. 

If you are a large corporate business and need a whiteboard in the boardroom, you should get a glass board that offers elegant looks and would not put a massive dent in your budget. Reach out to the best store that can help you find your ideal match.

Similarly, if you need a whiteboard for schools and office settings, a porcelain whiteboard would be your best bet. A free-standing whiteboard with wheels for easier portability should get your job done.

A melamine coated office whiteboard in Sydney should be the best choice for smaller businesses. They will offer you the best value for money service for having a whiteboard set up in your office. 

Hoping the above article will have cleared all your doubts about whiteboards in Sydney. Now that you know the best tips do your research accordingly and help yourself with quality whiteboards in Sydney that meet all your requirements.

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