Commonly Missed Things When Prepping a House for Sale

Commonly Missed Things When Prepping a House for Sale

There is no getting around it – there are simply lots of things, great and small, that you must get right to truly optimize your home for buyer viewings. This can be pretty overwhelming. For sure, there are the obvious things to sort out first (and these are the most important). Nobody is going to quibble about the state of your home’s doorhandles if the living room has already made a bad impression, and nobody is going to worry about the varnish on your front door if a grimy bathroom has already put them off the property entirely. 

That said, it is wise not to neglect the smaller things because research shows that many of these actually have tremendous potential to add or subtract value from your home. Did you know, for example, that a front door that creaks or has flaking paint can literally slash thousands of dollars off your home’s value? And when you consider that many of these small details have the potential to do likewise, we are talking about quite a significant amount of value hinging on all the things which are unfortunately very commonly missed. 

Seek the Help of Good Brokerage 

But before we get on to what those things are, it is important to note that, for this particular area of house prepping, there really is no substitute for the help of a professional real estate broker with the expertise to identify the small things which, cumulatively, can really make or break your home’s value. CityHome Collective, a real estate brokerage specializing in luxury homes and condos, advise that, while it is certainly helpful to have an awareness of the commonly missed things, a real estate broker is your only chance of accounting for all the most important ones. 

Top Things Sellers Usually Miss 

Nevertheless, some knowledge of what to look out for on your part cannot hurt. Moreover, in combination with the expertise of a broker, knowing what things to check when prepping your home for sale can really make all the difference where value is concerned. 

The Cleanliness of the Roof 

While the actual physical condition of the roof can be a real deal-breaker and is rarely forgotten, sellers very often neglect the roof once they have been assured that everything is in working order. This is a mistake as an unsightly roof with mold and dirt is sure to put off buyers and sap value from your home. 

Depersonalize the Exterior 

It is well known that a home should be depersonalized and decluttered ahead of sale, but it is surprisingly common for sellers to forget to this on the outside too. It’s important to remove everything that isn’t part of the landscaping. That includes things like garden gnomes, flags, ceramic statues, and things like brooms and rakes that are left sitting against the wall.

Open the Curtains and Blinds 

Despite taking a matter of minutes and no cost to see to, this is something that many sellers forget to do. For optimal curb appeal, you should be able to see inside every window into the interior of the house. 

Deodorize the Home

Naturally, nobody is going to show buyers around a smelly house. But there are certain smells that occupants grow used to, fail to notice, and therefore forget about when prepping the home. These are normally smells associated with things like pets, cigarettes, and even food. Be sure to have your home smelling neutral. 

By covering these bases, and having the assistance of a professional, you can account for all the little things that make a big difference.

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