A guide to install a smart thermostat

A guide to install a smart thermostat

When you buy a smart thermostat, then the smart thermostat installation is the first thing you should do. Not scared about the thought of circuit breaker and wiring as to thought that this process is very complicated but in reality, it is not so. It is very easy to install a smart thermo that you just need to follow a simple procedure for doing it. Before starting the process of installation, it is very important to make sure that your thermostat is compatible with wiring along with your system. In this article, we are providing you a simple guide for its installation but in case if you face any trouble at any point it is recommended to consult an electrician or HVAC technician for the same.

Here is the step-by-step guide to install a smart thermostat-

Turn off your HVAC system

Installing a new thermostat becomes very important to remove your old thermostat. For this purpose, you need to turn off your entire HP AC system to safeguard yourself from any electric accident as you are going to start working with wires and electricity. Your old battery power thermostat maybe still on even though the system has stopped working so it is very important to firstly done of your older HVAC system. It is recommended by the expert to turn on the system at your thermostat and try to listen for signs of your system running to make sure that everything connected is turned off.

POP off the faceplate

To get the backplate at the low-voltage wiring it is very important to remove the faceplate of your old thermostat. It should be pop off with a little bit of your effort. If it doesn’t pop off then don’t force it a necessity because there is a possibility that a hidden screw is there that you need to remove first to pop off the faceplate. Even after putting so much effort, you are unable to pop off the faceplate then it is time to consult your HVAC technician or electrician.

Remove the backplate

After popping off the faceplate, the next step you have to do is to remove the wires from the backplate. Depending upon the model you installed you need to remove small screws present there to hold the wires in a specific place or you need to press some small tabs using a pen to release the wire from its place. For doing it you just need a small screwdriver to remove all the screws holding the wires to remove the backplate.

Add a C- Wire

You can skip this step if your system is already equipped with C- wire. It is always recommended to install C wire because preceded to be a powerful and straightforward way to provide power to your thermostat. Various thermostat makers also add adaptors with their smart thermostat to add with a C wire. Buying and installing a third-party adapter is also another option you have. It is also recommended to use this adaptor as it comes up with specific instructions.

Use the new backplate as a template

The next time you should mark the ball with a pencil and use the new thermostat backplate. Based on the mark of the pencil you need to drill small holes for the backplate screws. It is very important to pull out the thermostat wire through the backplate before screwing it into the wall.

Reconnect the wires

In this step once the backplate is attached you need to connect the thermostat wires to the respective terminals. This step would become straightforward if you labeled your wires with stickers. If you haven’t labeled it then you should match the wires to their terminals by seeing the photo of the wiring of your old backplate.

Install the new faceplate

In this step, you need to install the new faceplate. With proper wiring, it is very easy for you to snap the faceplate of your new thermostat into the backplate. If it doesn’t attach easily do not push it you just need to tuck them back into the wall before trying to attach it with the faceplate. Now is the time to turn on the breaker of the HVAC system.

Connect the thermostat to Wi-Fi

This is the final step where you should need to connect the installed thermostat to the Wi-Fi although it will likely take you to go through a series of simple steps to connect it to the Wi-Fi and then it is ready to start.

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